LG HVAC Hotel Solutions

Engineered to be environmentally sustainable

LG Total HVAC Solutions for hotels


Operating Cost

Air conditioning system

Air conditioning accounts for about 50% of the energy cost in a typical hotel in the tropics,and this is the area where hotels should look to save the most. Therefore, choosing an energy efficient system should be priority to help hotels save in the long run.Be it small or big hotels, we have a full range of efficent solutions to help you save


Asset Durability (Seaside Resorts)


Seaside resorts often face corrosion challenges to their hotel assests. This will greatly effect the outdoor condensing units relibility and performance in the long run.Multi V Corrosion resistance and Multi V Water solutions will help prolong equipment life as well as sustain high cooling or heating performance.


Water Heat

Domestic hot water

Traditionally, hotels use fuel-driven boilers to produce hot water for guest rooms and pool heating. Perhaps a more eco friendly way is to use hydro kit or heat pumps, where waste heat from condensing units can be reused to provide hot water for hotel.Estimated energy savings is up to 60%


Optimise Resources

Building Management System (BMS)

LG offers multiple control solutions tailored to suit the needs of different customer. It can even scale up to intelligently control the other equipments in the building.


Your guest

Indoor Comfort

Different areas of the hotel have different indoor air requirments and LG offers all types of indoor air solutions to ensure your guest stays cheery all day